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Meet the Staff

Gary and Patty Goodman

Gary has been working at his family business for over 50 years. His experience and knowledge are limitless. He was grounded as a kid and had to work at the shoe store as punishment, the rumor is he’s still grounded to this day. He enjoys coin collecting, gardening, bowling, and hanging out with his family in his free time.


Patty joined the family business in 1985 while raising Abbe and Bernie, their children. She is our most requested and helpful salesperson. She knows our products like the back of her hand. Patty enjoys pickleball, volunteering, and gardening, but mostly spending time with her family and four grandkids.

Gary Pope and Hank
Gary Pope

Gary Pope affectionately known as "Pope" has been fitting customers at Goodman's Shoes for over 25 years. He has great product knowledge and loves his work. He enjoys grilling and is an amazing chef. Gary loves spending time with his grandson Jayden. He has been a longtime Colts and Pacers fan and found a new passion for golf recently since he had a hip replacement. Come meet Gary and see his new hip work hard to find the perfect shoe for you.

Sue and her husband Brian
Sue Brase

How can you not get along with a woman who was raised with 8 siblings and one bathroom? Sue, and her sweet husband Brian, have 3 lovely daughters. She is always smiling, laughing, and chatting with our customers. Mother Earth as we call it is one of the most helpful and knowledgeable employees (as long as there is no IU game playing). Come meet Sue!

Aaron Ford
Aaron Ford

Aaron comes from Jamestown North Dakota where he graduated from the University of Jamestown. A former fitness trainer, Aaron loves hiking, biking, frisbee golfing, and his favorite Gaming. Come meet Aaron, his laugh is infectious, and he will go the extra "mile" for you.

Tyler Honeycutt

Tyler has an extensive background in his passion for technology and repair.  He spends most of his free time working on electronics, networking, playing cards, and working on vehicles.  He takes pride in using critical thinking to solve problems. He is a man with many tricks and tools. Come meet Tyler and see what he can do for you!

Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman

Gary's brother is the account manager for Goodman's Shoes. He joined the shoe store in 2012 after leaving a career in construction management. Jay is Mr. Fix it. He can fix or build anything. He loves to putter around his house and watch black and white movies.

Kim Bradtmiller

Kim was born, raised & educated in Indiana. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters, as well as traveling, gardening, and summer outdoor sports. Her background has always been in sales and customer service. Helping you is her specialty.