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Hank's Hangout

Hank will make sure that you are properly fit with the perfect pair of shoes. 

"This is my seat!"

"I'm getting good at this picture thing."

Hank getting walked by a little one with Crocs on.

"Take me for a walk!"

Hank showing one of our customers his favorite spot and toy.

"Have you seen my favorite toy?"

hank sitting with customer.

"You give the best hugs!"

Hank selling some shoes to his puppy pal.

"What kind of shoes are you looking for?"

Hank loves Christmas unlike the Grinch!

"This isn't even my best hat."

Hank loves lounging on everything even the cat slippers.

"It'll just be a short nap."

checking out his sister at the store.

"Your perfume smells great!"

Hank posing with his mom Patty and a customer.

"Is it group photo time? Don't forget me!"

HAnk sitting with another happy customer in her new shoes.

"I knew you'd like those shoes."

Hank getting cozy with his new friend.

"Can I borrow your lap for a minute?"

Come check out my favorite couch.

"Where did you come from?"

"Check it out, Buster...This is the best spot in the store."

"It's a date, Ellie!"